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web.memamsa was an experiment in curating topics from news feeds and Twitter streams.

Three types of information streams were supported:

  • RSS and Atom Feeds
  • Links shared by Twitter Users & Lists
  • Submissions and comments by Hacker News Users
  • Any of these can be instantiated, e.g. links by @pmarca, or RSS Feeds from Techcrunch.
  • Any number of streams of different times can be mixed in to create a topics of interest.
  • Trust topics curated by others, or create your own take with a unique mix of streams.

In doing this, we discovered several efficient ways of building and maintaining smart lists. It turns out that many people want to organize their own such lists, and put them to their own use.

You can now do that with ScoutZen.

ScoutZen lets you build smart lists to engage people and communities.